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Miracles Do Happen!

January 1, 2023

To our supporters:

When almost everything shut down in March 2020 due to COVID, Sharing Resources Worldwide medical missions came to an abrupt halt, and our surgical, dental, and eyeglass teams put trips to Honduras on hold. While we waited for the COVID crisis to subside, Providencia, our partner in Honduras since 2006, came under new leadership in the form of a new US-based nonprofit called Horizon: Empower the Orphaned.

To our surprise, Horizon informed us in 2021 that they no longer wished to work with SRW and would not be welcoming our mission teams.

What was SRW to do? Our services were needed just as much as they ever had been. And our volunteers wanted to continue lending their time and expertise by serving on medical mission trips. But without a partner organization in Honduras, it would be logistically impossible for SRW to provide mission teams' services.

While the SRW Board of Directors searched for other options in Honduras, the new leadership of Horizon contacted us in July of 2022, inviting us back into a partnership like that which we had enjoyed for so many years. We are pleased to announce that SRW has reached an agreement with Horizon/Providencia to return to their facility and provide pro bono surgical care to children in need of orthopedic and eye procedures in Honduras.

Miracles do happen! As we enter our twenty-first year, SRW medical teams are scheduling trips to Honduras for 2023. Preparing for our return will take extra time and work, here in Madison and in Honduras. We rely on your financial help as we resume our exciting task. Please join us in celebrating this return to our mission, and consider supporting our efforts.

With much gratitude and hope for the future,
Mary Dowling, Director
and the entire SRW Board of Directors

Sharing Moments from a Life-Changing
Medical Mission in Honduras

by Heather Lyn Mann

"OK, can I see you walk now?" asks Dr. Mann. A translator repeats the question to a mom and daughter, who lock eyes. After more words of encouragement, the child stands and takes several tentative steps.

I'm watching and the gate looks painful. The effort and discomfort must separate the girl from her playmates. Untreated, in the future it will likely continue to prove trouble, depriving her of potential dates and obstructing employment. But this, of course, is why the mom and daughter pair spent ten hours crossing the Honduran landscape on multiple busses only to wait an additional eleven hours outside the clinic. Mother and child hope the US medical team will give the girl a normal life...

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Dave and Heather Mann

My First Year
(A Volunteer's Experience)

by Jennifer Rizzo

I recently returned from my first medical mission trip with Sharing Resources Worldwide. Over the past few years, I had classified a medical mission trip as a "bucket list" item. It was something that I knew I wanted to experience and learn from. But, and I cannot stress this enough, it became SO MUCH MORE! Now that I have done it once, I feel like I have the "itch" ... as in, I want to make this a normal part of my life. Even though I was tired from a stretch of long days, I left with an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and feelings of gratitude, pride, and empathy along with a whole other slew of emotions. I developed a sense of camaraderie with this group who, other than two people, I had never even met before shaking hands at the airport. As a "newbie," I was welcomed with open arms, mentored, and guided into what would be my role as a circulating nurse in the OR...

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