Partner Organizations

Here are some of the other organizations that SRW works with in order to provide services and supplies.

Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach

logo4939 LaVerna Road
P.O. Box 1665
Springfield, IL 62705

Mission Outreach was organized in 2002 as a humanitarian effort, working with healthcare organizations to recover and responsibly redistribute medical equipment and supplies to people in need around the world. President/CEO Bruce Compton had experienced the challenges associated with equipment redistribution firsthand. As the Director of Administration and Finance for a rural Haitian clinic that served 200,000 people, he had received countless donations of supplies that were unusable because they either did not fit the needs of his center or were inoperable. With no mechanism in place in Haiti to pass on or dispose of the unused items, receiving donations often became more hardship than help.

Today, Mission Outreach distributes more than $2 million in surplus equipment and supplies each year, with accountability measures in place to ensure appropriate distribution. Bruce Compton is still at the helm and, while the organization officially incorporated as a separate entity in 2006, its mission clearly continues the tradition that began when the Hospital Sisters came to Illinois from Germany to begin their Midwest healthcare ministry.

Today, Mission Outreach works with the 13 hospitals of Hospital Sisters Health System, along with two additional health systems and more than 20 individual hospitals throughout Illinois and Wisconsin.

During FY 2007, Mission Outreach achieved:
Increased access to quality health care in more than 25 countries around the globe.
Distribution of more than 400,000 pounds of medical equipment and supplies, valued at more than $2 million, to healthcare institutions throughout the world.
Prevention of more than 670,000 pounds of usable surplus from ending up in landfills and salvage yards in the US.

Providence World Ministries

logoPhil Darke, President & Executive Director
PO Box 50413
Nashville, TN 37205-0413

Ministers to and advocates for orphaned children and widows. They seek to establish innovative, culturally appropriate communities of care for orphans and widows, while advocating for them among governments, society, and the church.

PWM has a clinic with two operating rooms on their site for the orphanage. SRW is able to completely furnish this clinic with all equipment and supplies to make it an operating facility where medical teams and local Honduran doctors will be able to make use of the facility to help Hondurans with their surgical needs. SRW is able to furnish everything from doors and sinks to anesthesia machines and operating room tables and sterile gloves and hospital linen and supplies. Truly a collaborative effort!

Asociacion Juan Pablo Magno

logoLurín - Lima (16), Perú

Asociacion Juan Pablo Magno, Lurín, Peru, a mission of the Diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin. Asociacion Juan Pablo Magno was founded in March of 1986 when Father Jospeh Walijewski, of the Diocese of La Crosse, saw a better future for orphaned and abandoned children. Now over 20 years in existence, the orphanage uses the famous Girls & Boys Town Program from Boys Town, Nebraska. The management, as well as the children's health, happiness, and behavior, make Asociacion Juan Pablo Magno a leader in childcare services with at-risk youth in Peru.

A part of the outreach at Asociacion Juan Pablo Magno is assisting with the health of children of Peru who are not orphans but in need of medical care unavailable to them. SRW has assisted with that effort since our beginning by taking a medical/surgical team yearly to Lima, Iquitos, and Arequipa, Peru where our team provides eye surgeries, plastic surgeries, ENT surgery and eye prosthetic care and services to the children of Peru. Several missions have also included eyeglass missions where thousands of eye exams were accomplished and appropriate glasses provided on each mission.

While working closely with the staff of Asociacion Juan Pablo Magno and with the support of the Diocese of La Crosse and others SRW has been able to provide services to hundreds of Peruvian children who would otherwise never receive that care. Our Collaborative efforts provide not only that care and services but much needed equipment and supplies to the institutions we work in while in Peru. This very successful collaborative effort crosses countries, cultures, and languages.

E-mail:   •   Phone: (608) 445-8503
2405 Industrial Drive, Madison, WI 53713

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