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October, 2003 SRW shipped medical supplies and equipment to 28 different countries.

350+ shipments left our docks in the last 10 years.

SRW traveled to 5 different countries on two continents to do medical missions.

SRW completed 23 missions since 2002, Seven different specialties were represented with our missions (orthopedics, ENT, eyes, plastics, ocular plastics, ocularist and dental care).

Six dental missions have been completed to Honduras where a 4 chair dental clinic is fully operational and where we can do the same treatments we do here in Wis!.

We have completed 5 prosthetic eye (ocularists) missions to HondurasSRW completed 5 eyeglass missions and over 4245 received services with those missions to Honduras, Nicaragua and Guinea, West Africa.More than 1434 have received direct services by our teams in Honduras alone since 2005.

127 different volunteer professionals have served on our SRW mission teams 53 of those have been on more than 1 mission.

More than 6000 (primarily children) have received direct services from our teams from Africa to Peru.

In September 2012, 148 children received services from our dental team, eye surgery team, and eye prosthetic professionals in a 2-week period in Honduras.

In January 2013, our team of 18 volunteers traveled to Honduras where 32 children had orthopedic procedures and 93 were treated by the dental team in Siguatepeque, Honduras.

In October 2013, we will take a team to do eye surgery for strabismus, the dental team will treat patients, and 2 ocularists will make prosthetic eyes in Honduras. We have raised over $1.4 million in those 10 years.

The value of our services donated and supplies delivered and donated is over $10,000,000.

SRW still has no paid staff. Everyone is a volunteer.

Thank you ALL for a rewarding and successful mission!

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