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SRW 2020Throughout the world, Coronavirus has changed lives and raised questions about the future. This is true for individuals, businesses, nations, and organizations. When will we get back to normal? Or will there be a completely new normal? Here at SRW, it's too early to know how the pandemic will affect our mission or our mission teams. How soon will people be comfortable with air travel? When will countries allow travelers in? How long until we have effective testing and immunization? We're all living with a lot of uncertainty these days.

While we wait for answers, we at SRW are staying positive and planning for future missions. Though we need to take many things into consideration, we know the need for our service is still there, and we continue to have the greatest volunteers in the world. Please stay in touch and we will do the same. 2020 promises to be a memorable start to the new decade, and SRW, now more than 18 years old, hopes to continue serving those who need our services, wherever they are.

Stay safe, and thank you to our frontline medical personnel, many of whom we know. You are awesome!

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