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By Mary Dowling, Co-Director
October 2003

Hadja helps with child's eye exam.Hadja helps with child's eye exam. Midwives and farmers, teachers, parents, office personnel, school children. In all, 482 people in Nicaragua are seeing their world a bit more clearly today, thanks to the SRW Eyeglass Mission to Matagalpa last October.

While Mary Dowling, SRW Co-Director, and others here in the Midwest laid the groundwork last fall for this ambitious mission, our counterpart organizations in Nicaragua got the word out and prepared facilities for use by the SRW team. Familias Especiales, Casa Materna Mary Ann Jackman, The Lions Club of Matagalpa, and Iglesia Baptista provided a steady and organized flow of citizens in need of SRW's services. Five hundred twenty three people, age 7 to 86, came from far and wide for eye exams, in hopes of improving their eyesight and quality of life. The vast majority of these folks, 482 to be exact, received glasses, including some who received two pairs, to meet their needs for distance and reading prescriptions.

So many have a need for eyeglasses to improve their studies, work, and quality of life.
So many have a need for eyeglasses to improve their studies, work, and quality of life. It's amazing what a group can accomplish when we partner with others who share our desire to im-prove the sight and wellbeing of our brothers and sisters around the world. Obstacles like distance and language barriers cannot diminish the joy of working with others toward a common goal.

SRW thanks all the Nicaraguan groups involved, for their assistance and friendship. Closer to home, we acknowledge team members who donated their time, airfare, and ex-pertise, as well as The Lions Clubs of Wisconsin, which donated hundreds of pairs of glasses for distribution. The Lions Club of Verona, Janesville Noon Lions, and Middleton Lions Club also donated generously to support this mission.

Miguel will have a much better outlook now!
Miguel will have a much better outlook now! The value of services and products (glasses and medications) dispensed during this mission was $109,738. Expenses to SRW were $795. For every $1 spent to support this mission, $138 worth of services and products were provided in Nicaragua.

Team members from Wisconsin were:
Neil Lucchese MD
James Wise MD
Lisa Fernandez
Magaly Laurent
Keith Skoug
Lorena Kannel
Mary Dowling

Team members from Nicaragua were:
Jaime Pereira
Paulina Aguinaga

Thank you ALL for a rewarding and successful mission!

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