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Since our founding in 2002, we have shipped over 110 shipments of much needed medical equipment and supplies worldwide. Our 20 SRW medical/dental teams have delivered direct services to over 5337 children in five countries. Twice that number of children were screened and received consults about their medical conditions. These services have had a profound and lasting effect on 5337 children, their families and communities. Lives were changed and hope was realized.

What were the destinations for the medical and eyeglass teams?


SRW Celebrates Twenty Years

What Does the Future Hold?

Hernia Surgery Team

So Many Casts

Handing Over a New Lease
on Life

How To Improve 100 Lives a Day

The "No Cavity Club" in Siquatepeque, Honduras

Handyman Haefer
Medical Brigade of Glasses
and Prosthetic Eyes

Our First 10 Years

Too Many Crossed Eyes

What Have We Done?

Bringing New Vision to Tougue

Clumsy Dance

Creating a Future in Guatemala

Honduras Operating Room

Sharing the Vision

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